Road Traffic Offences

We can assist you with driving offences and their implications

We deal with any minor or major road traffic offences. Road traffic offences can be very complicated with serious implications including disqualification from driving.

We excel in presenting special reason and exceptional hardship arguments to ensure that every effort is made to ensure, where possible, our clients avoid receiving points on their licence or a disqualification from driving.

We will advise and assist our clients throughout the entire proceedings.

We will research and present to the Court relevant previous cited Court Cases and Judgements to make certain that your case is adjudicated fairly and with parity in the Law Courts.

Common road traffic offences include:

  • Driving without a licence
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Drinking & Driving
  • Speeding offences
  • Driving without insurance or allowing someone else to drive without insurance.
  • Not providing driver information in contravention of s.172
  • Driving without due care and attention in contravention of s3 RTA 1988
  • Failing to report an accident within 24 hours. S.170 RTA 1988


Road traffic offenses :
– Plea and mitigation : £300- £500 plus vat , depending on time, case work and the venue involved

– Legal arguments to avoid disqualification ( eg, exceptional hardship or special reasons ) : £1000- £3000 plus vat (final costs depending on time, case work volume and the venue involved)

– Not Guilty contested trials for road traffic £1200- £3600 plus vat, again depending on Venue and work involved
– crown court road traffic offenses costs will vary depending on counsel’s fees.

All of our in-house solicitors have 20 years + pqe (Post Qualified Experience).
Nb, all legal costs quoted do not include any fees for expert reports or opinions .


We charge Value Added Tax (VAT) to all our services where applicable. VAT currently applies at 20% where your usual place of residence is the UK or EEA, even if at one point you had leave to remain in the UK but have since overstayed. If you are not resident in the UK or EEA, or you have entered the country without permission (asylum seekers) and do not yet have leave to remain, VAT will not be applicable on our charges. We will confirm whether VAT (at a rate of 20%) is payable when you have been instructed and can work out if VAT is properly chargeable.

Disbursements (Not Included in Costs Quoted)

Our fees do not include disbursements. A disbursement is a payment to a third party. As such you will be responsible for paying the costs payable to third parties which are incurred by us on your behalf such as:

• Home Office application fees
• UKVCAS Charges ranging from £100 to £500
• Immigration Health Surcharge, ranging from £300 to £1000
• Court fees
• Barrister costs

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