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Criminal law essentially relates to offences and breaches that negatively affect society as a whole, rather than just one person. This area of the law outlines what Acts of Parliament deem to be acceptable (and unacceptable) conduct in the UK.


White-collar crime refers to financially motivated, nonviolent crime committed by businesses and government professionals.
Offences that fall under the term white collar crime include money laundering, fraud, fraudulent trading, conspiracy to defraud and false accounting.


There is a broad range of offences that come within the scope of a driving offence.
There may be more than one offence that covers particular behaviour. Driving offences range from ‘document’ offences, to cases involving the death of another person.


Immigration Act 1971 is the primary statute dealing with rules on migration.

Just like EU citizens who currently live in the UK, British citizens who are living in the EU will need to apply for residence status in the country they are residing in by 30 June 2021.



Family law concerns a host of authorities, agencies and groups which participate in or influence the outcome of private disputes or social decisions involving family law.

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