Jagmohan S Takk

Qualifying as a solicitor of the supreme court in 1997 , Jagmohan Singh Takk now has more than 20 years experience.

Having studied law and and practised for several years in the city of London, Jag established Takk and Company Solictors and Advocates with his wife Natasha in 2005.

The firm is today recognised as one the most renowned and well -respected law firms in the south east region. Jag himself is a confident, calm and persuasive advocate.

His expertise in advocacy extends from the Family courts, Magistrates’ court and the Crown courts as he has acquired Higher rights of audience. Jag’s forte is more serious, high profile and complex cases where he has achieved much success and praise.

Jagmohan S Takk

Jagmohan Takk

LLB (Hons) Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate

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